musst ich für rotary in taipei schreiben: viel spass beim lesen


The first thing I thought when I left the plane was ‘Wow, it’s really hot here!’
Then all the German Exchange Students went to get our luggage. But it was like it has to be when I travel. Something must get wrong. My bag has had a big dent. But here I realized the first time how friendly Taiwan’s people are. The people from our Airline told me that they will repair it for me before I could ask them what to do.
And then the moment, I waited a half year for came. We left altogether to meet our host family. But where are they? I was looking left and right, but I couldn’t see them. There were a lot of poster, welcome the Inbound students but I couldn’t see my name. Then I realized my fault. Because all the students took the left way out, I also took the left way, but then I saw that there was also a way on the right side. And there was a group of fife people with a poster: Herzlich Willkommen, Ann-Kathrin!, the German version for welcome. This was the first time I met my host family, my counsellor and the secretary of the Rotary club Taipei Metro East. I was so happy to see them!

Half an hour later there was the next adventure. My host family took me to the Grand Hotel for my first meal in Taiwan. But: how to eat beef noodles with chopsticks? It took me really long, and the half of the noodles felt down.

And so starts my time in Taiwan.
I went to my new school, Li Shan High School, and learned how different the way to learn here and in Germany is, I realized how important it is to speak Chinese words with a clear pronunciation, a thing I still can’t do as well as I want it to be, and I tried the Taiwanese food. I’m sure, it must be really funny for my family how many pictures I take, when I see Taiwan’s food. But it is really different from ‘Chinese food’ in Germany. So much more tasty and multifaceted.
A big shock for me was the Taiwanese traffic system. For me as a German was it normal, that there are really strict rules. But here… It seems sometimes like there are no rules. I was so shocked when I met a moped at the footpath. This is kind of impossible in Germany. And it is impossible that everyone parks his moped on the footpath.
My host family treat me as a part of their family and help me a lot. In one moment they are really serious, but then in the next moment, they make a lot of funny things. I have no time to be homesick! They are like a real family for me and takes me to a lot of really beautiful and special places. I can’t say which place was the best one till know, but I know how happy I was when they take me to a Chinese opera, ‘Sunlight after Snowfall’. It was amazing!

An then every Wednesday, our culture class.
All the exchange students at one place. It can’t be something other than a lot of fun. And we learn really a lot of interesting things. I like the mask painting the most till now. It was great when our teacher painted the masks at Genesis’s and Letitia’s face. They looked really great! And than we have the weakly teak won doe. Its really cool to learn it and I was so happy when I tried my uniform the first time.

This are just a few of the things I have learned here. Everyday is a special day. I can’t say which one was the best, and which one was the most worse, because I learned a lot from both, the good one and the bad one. And I have still 7 month to learn a lot.

Thank you for this great chance!!!

Ann-Kathrin Sauer, RC Usingen, District 1820, Germany, now 3480, RC Taipei Metro East

18.12.07 11:39

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